Rigid PCBs
PCB Transtek offers the highest quality printed circuit boards at the most competitive pricing. Whether you need a few quick turn PCB prototypes or mass production, our world class manufacturing can meet your specialized PCB needs.
Flex PCBs & Rigid Flex PCBs
Flex PCBs, also known as flexible printed circuits or flexible electronics, provide greater options for designers and engineers when assembling electronic circuits.
Aluminum PCBs
Advantage of Aluminum foil laminate Heat dissipation is better than copper laminate. Aluminum foil laminate is suitable for the goods of higher heat dissipation efficiency.
Instant Pricing
Pricing is one of the most critical functions to get right for any organization and has a disproportionate impact on the bottom line compared to other levers. Our goal is straightforward—get the right price to the right customer at the right time.Our online quote form is available to you any time.
No Tooling or Test Charges
How many times have you ordered a PCB and forgotten to account for tooling or electrical testing charges? Don't worry about that at PCB TRANSTEK. We never charge tooling so you can change revs as often as you need. We electrically test all our boards at no additional cost to you.
Fast Lead Times
Need boards in a hurry? We've got you covered. Depending on the size and specs of your order, we can ship in as little as 2 business days and be on your doorstep the 3rd day (depend on UPS delivery policy).
Proto and Production
We process all size orders, 1 piece to 1,000,000 pieces. We can handle your proto and full scale production needs.
No Hidden Fees
Tired of 'handling fees...', whatever those are? We never charge additional fees, and no Confusing 'Special Offers' Your online quote is the total cost of your order.
World Class Quality
Our manufacturing partners are some of the best in the world. We can build just about any design you can dream up; we've seen it all.
ISO and UL Certified PCBs
All of our manufacturing partners are at a minimum ISO 9001:2015 and UL certified.

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PCB Tips

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Accept FIle Formats
At PCB Transtek, we can accept a variety of file formats to manufacture your printed circuit board. A list of accepted formats is listed below.
Array Design Tips
The primary reason for having your boards delivered in an array is to make automated assembly faster and less expensive.
Aspect Ratio in PCB
In PCB fabrication the aspect ratio is the thickness of a PCB divided by the diameter size of a drilled hole.
Blind Vias and Buried Vias
Blind and buried vias are only available on boards with at least four layers. Unlike regular vias on a two layer board which connect the two surface layers
Controlled Dielectric vs.Controlled Impedance
In many different applications, managing the impedance of certain traces on the PCB are absolutely critical to proper function of the device
Copper Thickness
The most common unit of measure for the copper thickness on a printed circuit board is ounces (oz).
Countersinks and Counterbores
Countersinks most commonly will have either an 60 degree to 120 degree angles. We just need to know what you want.
Dielectric Stacks
Final Thickness shown does not include Solder Mask, Silk Screen or Final Finished Plating.
Final Finish Comparison
There are many factors to consider when selecting a final finish for your printed circuit board. Below is a consolidated list of popular finishes and their general characteristics.
Plated Half Holes
Plated half holes(castellated holes)are holes that made off the edge of the boards plated with copper using a specialized process.
Rigid Specifications
We don't need much information to manufacture a bare printed circuit board.
Solder Mask
A solder bridge is an unintended electrical connection between two conductors by means of a small blob of solder.
Via in Pad
When it comes to Vias, it’s known to us all that Vias can be divided into Through-hole Vias, Blind Vias and Buried Vias. They have different functions.
Via Tenting,Plugging,and Filling
There are many reasons a printed circuit board designer might want to have a via tented, plugged or filled. First, let's start with defining these terms since they can be frequently misused and misunderstood.