Rigid PCBs

PCB Transtek offers the highest quality printed circuit boards at the most competitive pricing. Whether you need a few quick turn PCB prototypes or mass production, our world class manufacturing can meet your specialized PCB needs.

PCB Types
CAP or Foil Construction Controlled Impedance
Blind / Buried Via Mixed Inner Copper Weights
Flex Mixed Materials
Rigid-Flex (HDI) High Density Interconnect
Aluminum Core (single sided to multi-layer) Via-In-Pad Process

Combining years of experience with the latest in high-tech manufacturing efficiencies allow our pricing to be among the most competitive. Our boards are manufactured based on IPC guidelines and comply with ISO 9001:2015, UL, and RoHS standards.

Printed Circuit Board Capabilities and Tolerances

Below are the circuit board capabilities and tolerances that we can currently manufacture.
We are working to expand our PCB offerings so please revisit this page frequently for updates.


We offer very high-end features and capabilities at competitive pricing:

Rigid PCBs up to 42 layers Controlled Impedance
3-mil traces and 3.5-mil spaces Blind / Buried Vias
Minimum Mechanical drill size 8-mil Class III
Minimum Laser drill size 3-mil RoHS Compliant (all options available)
ISO 9001 and UL certified High temperature, high frequency material
Item English Metric
Max Board Thickness 314.96 mil 8.000 mm
Min Board Thickness (2 Layers) 10 mil 0.254 mm
Min Board Thickness (4 Layers) 11.8 mil 0.300 mm
Min Core Thickness (Not including copper) 2 mil 0.051 mm
Largest Panel Size 23.62" x 39.37" 599.95 mm x 1000 mm
Min Pre-Preg Thickness 2.3 mil 0.058 mm
Board Thickness Tolerance (Standard) ±10% or ±5 mil, whichever is greater
Board Thickness Tolerance (Upon Request) ±5%
Max Inner Layer Copper Thickness 6oz. 0.20 mm
Min Inner Layer Copper Thickness 0.3 oz. 0.01 mm
Max Outer Layer Copper Thickness 11 oz. 0.383 mm
Min Outer Layer Copper Thickness (no plating in holes) 0.25 oz. 0.009 mm
Min Drill Size 6 mil 0.15 mm
Min Laser Drill Size 3 mil 0.076 mm
Min Mechanical Aspect Ratio (Laminate / Drill) 12/1
Min Line Width / Spacing (Outer Layer) 3/3.5 mil 0.076 mm / 0.089 mm
Min Line Width / Spacing (Inner Layer) 3/3.5 mil 0.076 mm / 0.089 mm
Min Copper Space to outline CNC Route/Score 10/12 mil 0.25 mm / 0.3 mm
Green, Matte Green, Light Green, Black,Matte Black,
White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Clear
White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green
Min Solder Mask Print Width (Mask Dam) 4 mil 0.102 mm
Solder Mask Registration Tolerance ±2mil 0.051 mm
Controlled Impedance (Standard) ±10%
Controlled Impedance (Upon Request) ±5~7%
Lead Solder (HASL) OSP (Entek)
Lead Free Solder (HASL) Deep/Hard/Flash Gold (Electrolytic Nickel Gold)
Immersion Gold (Electroless Nickel Gold - ENIG) Wirebondable Gold (99.99% Pure Gold)
Immersion Silver Carbon Ink
Immersion Tin (White Tin) Gold Finger (Hard Gold)
FR4 (135°C Tg) Flex
FR4 (170°C -180°C Tg) Rigid-Flex