Countersinks and Counterbores

Countersinks most commonly will have either an 60 degree to 120 degree angles. We just need to know what you want.


Of course we need to know the diameter of the smaller hole. We also need to know if the hole is to be plated or not. In most cases these are not plated but there could be situations where you may be grounding to a chassis or something and would need to have plating in the hole.


A counterbore is a cylindrical flat-bottom hole that is cut that also allows for a socket cap screw (has a flat head) to be used.


For a counterbore we need to know the dimensions of the smaller hole and the dimension of the larger hole as well as the depth of the bore.


Again in most cases these will be unplated mounting holes but in some cases you may require plating. We just need to know what you want the finished hole size to be.