Dielectric Stacks

Select the desired thickness to see the stack.

Layer Count Final Thickness
4L 0.031"/0.8mm 0.062"/1.6mm 0.093"/2.4mm 0.125"/3.2mm
6L 0.031"/0.8mm 0.062"/1.6mm 0.093"/2.4mm 0.125"/3.2mm
8L n/a 0.062"/1.6mm 0.093"/2.4mm 0.125"/3.2mm
10L n/a 0.062"/1.6mm 0.093"/2.4mm 0.125"/3.2mm

。Final Thickness shown does not include Solder Mask, Silk Screen or Final Finished Plating.


。IPC Class 2 Final Thickness Tolerance is ±10% or ±5mils (whichever is greater).


。PCB Transtek does not guarantee the stack shown will be used. These are posted as guidelines only and other stacks may be used based on materials that are currently available. If you require a specific dielectric stack, your requirements must be defined in your Gerber data, fab print or readme file.


。If you require more than 15mils (0.38mm) spacing between layers defined as Pre-Preg, an extra blank core will need to be added to the construction and this will affect the cost. Pre-Preg alone cannot be thicker than 15mils since it causes issues with the lamination process. Please contact us if you have any questions before placing your order.


。If you are doing your own calculations for controlled impedance and you don't need our engineers to adjust the design nor test that the impedance is met, simply select Controlled Dielectric in your online quote. We will build the stack you define and print the board per your original Gerber layout.


。If you prefer that we review your design and make the necessary adjustments to the stack and copper trace/space widths, select Controlled Impedance on your online quote. We will adjust the design as necessary and perform a TDR test to ensure the correct impedance is met.


If you have any questions, please contact us; we will be glad to assist you with your dielectric stacks!